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Brisbane Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are widely used in both domestic and commercial applications. This is mainly due to the fact they are extremely durable, resist stains and water (if glazed), very scratch resistant and difficult to crack. The can also be quite in expansive while offering a huge range of colours, sizes and thicknesses.

They are used on floors, walls internally and externally and can come with specific features like non slip.

Ceramic tiles are basically made from clay mud and other minerals. Initially they were made by hand and the components (including clay, sand, feldspar, quartz and water) were shaped into desired shapes and sizes then left to dry in the sun or fried in a brick kiln. Now days, the tiles are still made from similar components but the process is known as dry pressing.

Majority of ceramic tiles these days come glazed. This is the tough protective coating which sits on top of one side of the tile and repels the tile from stains, acid etching, water and moisture. The glaze is a powdered glass compound that is friend which makes the glaze melts on top of the tile. This is then put through the kiln again at temperatures about 1300 degrees Celsius and cooled down. Pigments are added to the glaze mixture in order to achieve different colours and shades.

Cleaning Ceramic Tiles

As majority of tiles today come glazed they are much easier to clean and maintain if done properly and using the correct procedure. The gloss level of the tile can require different methods of cleaning. The higher the gloss the more difficult it is to have the tile perfectly streak and lint clean. These types of finishes require special cleaning solutions and micro fibre mops. Non slip tiles have a coarse finish (commonly found bathrooms and balconies) and need to be cleaned with speciality mops as regular mops will leave behind a 'hairy' residue.

The grout lines between the ceramic tiles are the most difficult part to clean and keep clean unless it has been professionally cleaned and protected previously. Grout itself comes in different colours, finishes, textures and widths. The amount of grout lines on your walls and floors will depend on the size of the tiles used, the smaller the tile in size, the more grout there will be. Over time, even with regular everyday cleaning, grout lines gather dirt, dust, stains and even mould. This makes the grout very unsightly and unhygienic. Dirty grout lines does mean dirty floors, no matter how beautiful or expensive your tiles are, if the grout lines are dirty, the entire floor will look dirty and neglected destroying the original look of your investment.

At Brisbane Tile Restoration, we carry the most advanced equipment as well as high quality solutions to bring your ceramic tiles and grout to its shiny original condition. Do not spend hours or days on your knees scrubbing the grout lines and using caustic cleaning chemicals and still not end up with a desired finish. This process requires professional attention and we will be more than happy to help.

Don’t delay in having your grout lines cleaned as the longer they stay dirty, the harder and in some cases impossible to remove the dirt and stains.

Contact us today and we will provide you with the most effective solution to not only clean your ceramic tiles and grout but to protect it once cleaned so it stays cleaner for years to come. We can also recommend and supply you with the best maintenance cleaning solution to keep the sparkle in your floors and walls.


Sealing Ceramic Tiles

Unless unglazed, ceramic tiles generally do not require sealing, however the grout lines do and it is highly recommended unless epoxy grout was used.

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If the ceramic tiles are unglazed or you are considering installing unglazed ceramic tiles then it is strongly recommended the tiles are sealed prior and after being layered and grouted.

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