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Camp Hill Granite Tiles

Granite is everywhere. We see it every single day in kitchen bench tops, bathrooms, floor tiles, feature walls and ornaments, table tops and stair cases.

It is very hard wearing and naturally resistant to stains and scratches. It is an igneous rock of visible crystalline formation and texture. Mainly composed of feldspar, quartz as well as small fractions of mica and minerals such as zircon, apatite, magnetite and sphene. It crystallises from magma that cools slowly deep below the Earth’s surface.

Granite comes in 3 different grain types, fine grain, medium grain and coarse grain.

granite tile floor dusty Camp Hill granite tile bathroom bath tub Camp Hill

Cleaning Granite Tiles

Even though granite is a very tough stone, it still requires cleaning ain order to maintain its unique features and provide you with a lifetime of stunning appearance. Being such a non porous material, cleaning and maintaining it isn’t as hard as with other softer surfaces. It is very resistant to stains, even slightly acidic ones, very resistant to grease and difficult to scratch.

A vacuum and mop with mild soapy water on a regular basis will keep your marble happy. Common household cleaners are also ok to use on marble surfaces.

Camp Hill Tile Restoration can assist you with all your Granite cleaning and maintenance needs. Contact us today and let us bring your Granite back to life and ensure it remains that way.

Sealing Granite Tiles

Having all the above amazing properties does not mean granite should not be sealed. Camp Hill Tile Restoration has all the professional quality equipment and products to clean, restore, refresh, enhance and protect your Granite surfaces and bring out the natural beauty of Granite to life.

deepshield moisture granite

For more information visit our section for Sealing Granite Tiles.

deepshield granite

Contact Camp Hill Tile Restoration today and we will clean and restore your Granite surfaces, bring them back to life and ensure they stay looking their best.

polished granite tile floor in bathroom black with one white tile Camp Hill natural black granite floor tiles large bathroom shower Camp Hill

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